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Welcome to the Swiss Korean Business Council!


The Swiss-Korean Business Council [SKBC] aims to build a thriving Swiss-Korean Business Community. It is the leading networking platform in Korea, connecting corporations, start-ups, academia, and government agencies with a connection to Switzerland. The SKBC promotes a better understanding of Korean and Swiss Business Culture and Economy. It contributes to strengthening business connections between Switzerland and Korea and represents the interests of the Swiss Business Community in Korea.

To achieve these objectives, the SKBC focuses on


  1. Creating networking opportunities for its members

  2. Promoting a lively and vibrant Swiss-Korean business community together with corporate members and institutional partners through events, from understanding Korean business culture and education to social and sportive events and immersive company visits.

  3. Organizing every year two flagship events including the Swiss National Day and Christmas Event

  4. Spreading business knowledge and innovation across the region in collaboration with SwissCham APAC

  5. Representing the Swiss-Korean Business Community through meeting with Swiss authorities (i.e. the Embassy) and the ECCK advisory board.

Unity makes strength! With over 70 member companies, the SKBC is seeking to bring together and foster a vibrant Swiss-Korean Businesses Community in Korea. It aims at providing networking opportunities to its members through business and social events. It engages with its partners and stakeholders – including the Swiss Embassy -  to advance the interests of the Swiss-Korean Business community.


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